T The softness of the English landscape has dictated my approach to photography. The delicate light, the rain and mists, all have played a part in moulding me as an artist. Some of the work displayed on this website represents part of that early moulding, the rest has not so much been moulded, as computer generated.

My photographic career began in a news agency darkroom on Fleet Street London.

After a few years there and 18 months doing national service  I moved on to P.A.Reuter Photos, followed by a stint on Picture Post magazine, then two spells abroad, one in Basle Switzerland, and the other in Moscow, working for a British trade delegation. Once back in the UK I opened my own advertising studio, by the River Thames at Kew.

During this period, the mid 70s, I perfected a process of screenless lithography enabling monochrome images to be printed onto art papers like Canson, or in fact any hand made paper of the artists choice. This resulted in one man exhibitions in art galleries in London, Paris, Tokyo, and Rhode Island U. S. A.

Now I am retired my time is spent documenting the area I live in, and growing plants for photographic still life shots, also frustrating myself to death with my beloved iMac, and the legendary Photoshop. It really is marvelous what can be done now on the computer. I know what is said "rubbish in rubbish out", "you can't save a bad image, "but wow,  what you can do with a good one, and in a fraction of the time that used to be spent in the darkroom - and now you can leave the light on!